Update — March 19, 2021 — Alabama Power announces a full recovery from the Sever weather this week, where more than 9,000 people were without power. Alabama Power announced Wednesday that it will “safely and responsibly” adapt its operations in business offices and app centers across the state to provide customers with accessible service options. Alabama Power customer service staff are pleased that the Alabama NewsCenter business offices are being reopened in Vimeo. After the state of emergency in Alabama was announced in March, APCO ended the interruption of services to customers who did not pay and did not seek to recover payments from customers who had been in arreeation in the past five months. The company will continue this practice until September. “During the pandemic, we tried to find new ways to help our customers and the communities where we call at home,” said Danielle Kimbrough, APCO spokeswoman. “These payment schedules will allow customers to spread energy bill balances over several months. Above all, we want to encourage our customers to contact us, as well as our customer service teams, to talk about our payment support options. According to Alabama Power`s first report from Thursday at 9 p.m.m 500 customers remain unserviced. At 17 .m., about 9,100 customers were without power on Wednesday. At 9:30 p.m.m 8,500 were left without power. Most of the failures were reported in the western central part of the state. From 5 a.m.

As of Thursday, 12,750 people were still inhumane. Alabama Power will provide an update on power outages later Thursday. This story is updated. Stay at CBS 42 for the latest news of this developing storm situation. The installation of barriers between customer service staff`s workstations. Additional furniture has been installed to promote the social distance of service counters. BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – In the past 24 hours, according to Alabama Power, more than 61,000 customers were affected by Wednesday`s storm. From 9.45 .m 6,700 remain without electricity. The Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency said 3,500 residents were without power, with most outages coming from the Moundville and Alberta areas.

Alabama Power customers are invited to sign up for “Outage Alerts” by having 272688 “register” from a mobile device connected to an Alabama Power account, or by visiting AlabamaPower.com/Alerts. While passable operations are available for service, customers are encouraged to use payment machines, drop-off boxes and drive-thru options 24 hours a day, if available. Customers have one or more service options in each office. They stated in an update that “all customers must have a service by the end of the day.” APCO also announced that most customers will receive a credit of 25 $US on their bills in October, due to lower fuel costs than expected for the latter. In addition, the company plans to reopen offices and equipment centres on September 28, at least in part. However, customers who need help paying their bills should register for alabamapower.com or call 1-800-245-2244. Aggressive service desks that disinitrant between customers, with increased office cleaning and high contact surfaces.