The AWS distribution program helps AWS distributors recruit, enable and integrate integrated system integrators (SIs), managed Service Provider (MSP), value-added resellers, digital marketing companies, infrastructure hosting companies and public sector partners to promote authorized AWS services for end customers as part of a solution. Extend financial benefits and incentive programs to qualified resellers. AWS EA is a custom contract that is not available online. Customers negotiate this agreement directly with AWS and replace the standard AWS customer agreement. Overview: The following table describes the types of contracts awarded to AWS and how they apply to the AWS reseller program before June 1, 2019. This document can also be referred to as an “agreement with consent to transfer.” Support certifications and skills for Vertriebsverk√§ufer.De I am with Denser skills. NOTE: AWS has changed the reseller program. As of 1.06.19, all resellers must sign the new AWS distribution contract. Any dealer who has not executed this document with AWS does not receive any AWS discount. These are the terms and conditions that customers are bound to under the VAR AWS reseller program. Distributors offer independent resale, activation and marketing programs for qualified resellers in addition to APN benefits. AWS distributors support distributors in a variety of ways. A consultant or technology partner of Amazon Partner Network (APN) who wishes to become an AWS distribution reseller must meet these requirements: (d) Each party is responsible for notifying the appropriate authorities of all taxes and other government fees and fees (as well as all penalties, interest and other fees) imposed on them or otherwise required by transactions governed by these conditions.

You can charge national, national or local sales or usage taxes, value-added taxes (“VAT”) or taxes on goods and services (“GST”) or similar transaction taxes that you must pay legally to public authorities (together “taxes”), and we pay. Your initial invoice to us must separately indicate these taxes and meet the requirements of a compliant tax bill. You will present us with a valid invoice for VAT, GST and similar taxes and you will comply with all applicable tax reporting and reporting obligations for payments made under these conditions.