Work on obsolete and obsolete fire detection systems can be problematic. Through this exclusion of liability, your customer assumes the risk with full consent to these risks. Security contracts often “bundle” the costs of maintaining the system with the costs of monitoring and inspecting the system. It`s hard to see what you`re paying. Ask the safety contractor to provide a breakdown of the costs of maintenance, monitoring, inspection and other related services. Allied Fire & Security offers an award-winning customer service team that is committed to providing our customers with the best security solutions that go beyond the first installation of the system. Does the service contract involve regular testing or inspection of the system? It is in silva Consultants` opinion that, in most cases, service contracts are not a good deal for the average consumer of security systems. Signal Systems also offers maintenance contracts for legacy systems covering the entire system. Call us to discuss how our maintenance contract can help your business. Our experience is that customers who “insure themselves” by creating a service account are generally much better off than those who paid for an annual maintenance contract. Often, there is enough excess on the maintenance account to pay for system upgrades or request system replacement when the time is right. The information in this Annex “A” is based on TRi-D-FX`s guidelines and is not contractual. TRi-D-FX reserves the right to change its policies and the information in this Annex “A” from time to time without notice.

Service contracts are usually extremely cost-effective for the security service provider and offer a predictable source of revenue. There is a great incentive on the part of the security contractor to sell you a service contract, even if it may not be in your interest. During the fifth to seventh year of the system`s life, the system may require one or more major repairs. While these repairs can be expensive, you`re usually on a financial advance if you pay for these repairs if necessary, instead of paying a service contract for the entire life of the system.