(a) declares that the agreement is suspended with immediate effect; and (a) define in the agreement one or more of the obligations in paragraph 179, paragraph 1, d) (i); Note: The agreement may require the entity to meet certain conditions regarding the benefits it receives (see Section 19(4)). 2. When deciding to enter into a trust transaction agreement, the general contractor of customs must take into account: b) in the circumstances and in the manner in which the agreement provides. (6) The agreement may be subject to the condition that it is by mutual agreement and in the circumstances provided in the agreement such as: (1) For Article 179, paragraph 1, point e), this section imposes the type of benefits that an entity can obtain under a confidence-building agreement that confers on the entity the status of an interim trusted trader. 6. The agreement is suspended for the period beginning on the date of the decision to suspend the agreement and expires at the earliest in the following days: (a) the company`s adherence to the agreement of trusted traders or a modification of the agreement; or (5) The agreement may be subject to the Entity`s ability to register, to disclose or otherwise use information of any type as specified in the agreement on the agreement on the agreement and management of the Australian Trusted Trader program: (1) For paragraph 179, paragraph 1, point g), this section imposes other conditions to which the agreement of a trusted trader of a company may be subject. (b) assess whether the company is complying with customs legislation, this instrument and an agreement reached by the body on trusted traders; 19……….other conditions for trusting reseller agreements…… 12 The Australian Border Force indicated that evidence that goods that comply with the rules of origin of these agreements can take many forms, including contracts, statements relevant to manufacturing processes, materials and cost compliance requirements. First receipt of goods imported into Australia by a trusted trader The accreditation of Australian traders is managed by australian Border Force (ABF) to assist traders and “streamline legitimate trade” by offering preferred visa processing and other trade facilitation benefits. Note: Subsection 178A (1) of the Act provides that the Commander General of Customs may amend, suspend or terminate an agreement on trusted traders if the Commander General of Customs reasonably believes that the entity covered by the agreement has not fulfilled or has not fulfilled a condition imposed by the rules or a clause or condition of the agreement.