No no. Mudrank.2008/C.R.190/M-1, dated June 8, 2009 (No. 101 Extraordinary, Part IV-B, page 2, June 8-6, 2009) – In the exercise of the powers conferred by paragraph a) of paragraph 9 of the Bombay Stamp Act, 1958 (Bombay LX 1958), the Government of Maharashtra is convinced that this is necessary in the public interest and hereofly transfers the empty stamp duty Franking maschinenbeleg, bearing serial numbers 24794, 24795 and 24796 of 29 December 29 2007, for an amount of Rs 1,50,000 on vacation and licensing agreements for premises with number 71 of approximately 6,350 square metres or 589.39 square metres of space built on the 7th floor of the Maker Chambers-IV. , between Nishigandha Trading Private Limited, Ocean City Trading (India) Private Limited , Yaksh Trading Co. Private Limited and the Kingdom of Spain. (2) Notification under Section 25 of Act I to the Bombay Stamp Act. – In exercising the powers conferred by Section (a) of paragraph 9 of the Bombay Stamp Act of 1958 (Bombay LX 1958), the Maharashtra government reduced, effective April 1, 1994, the requirement to have a credit securitization instrument or the sale of underlying debt securities covered by Section 25 of Schedule I of the “Fifty Paise” Act for each rupee 50 0 or part of the loan or debt transferred with underlying securities and, in the event of the assignment of receivables on the use of credit cards to “Two rupees and fifty paise for each rupee 500 or part of it”. If, in cases covered by clauses (b) and c), a stationary tax imposing the rules of the state government is also recovered for damaged or abused stamp securities,] 2. To this end, the collector may require that he provide [an authentic copy or] a summary of the act as well as an affidavit or other evidence which he deems necessary to prove that all facts and circumstances are necessary: which are binding on the recharging of the instrument or the amount of the obligation by which it may be charged are fully and effectively set and may refuse to respond to such a request until [this copy or an authentic summary] and the supporting documents are provided accordingly: (3) [subject to the provisions of Section 53-A, any act on which the approval was made is considered to be duly labelled or debited in taxes in accordance with this section]. , depending on the case; and, if it is taxable, recovered in evidence or evidence, and can be exchanged and recorded as if it had been duly stamped originally: unless it is required to be applied, the tax becomes an equivalent or duplicate of an instrument for which the obligation itself has been discharged. 4.6 The date of issuance of the stamp document must not exceed 6 months more than the date of the transaction. [4) An impression, which, in the subsections (2A), 2B) and (2C), if any, section 3 approval), [or section 2 of Section 32A] has the same effect for all acts, as if the tax of an amount equal to the amount indicated in the deformation or, if applicable, after the payment of the approval, was indicated for that instrument with stamps referred to in the subsection (1). Two of them.

When the acquisition of ownership of a property acquired in return for the whole, of two or more persons, in common or by one person for himself or by others or entirely for others or entirely for others, is transported in part by instruments separated from persons for whom the same consideration was purchased or acquired, the transport of each party must be attributed to the value of the separate party [with respect to the market value of that part].