The worker`s employment contract specifies the rights and obligations of workers and companies. Employees may not get what they need when they talk during a job interview or receive a job-desk that does not match what has been described above. Akktose is the basis of the hand to address the possibility. On the contrary, workers may give up their jobs and perform benefits that do not comply with the agreement. Of course, it will hurt the workers. Here is the importance of the letter of agreement. The HRD team is very credible and knows how important it is to get a process letter. The employment contract between the two parties will be at the heart of the implementation of the employment relationship. In accordance with Section 53, paragraph 1, of Employment Act 13, employment contracts must contain at least 9 elements, namely that once recruitment is complete, you must first write a work letter signed by new employees and related persons in your company. The letter on part-time work agreements should not miss this policy of working time and wages. The length of work as well as the wages received by employees can be calculated every hour or by post according to the employer`s policy.

Examples of part-time jobs are writers, photographers, baristas, traders and programmers. In addition to describing the rights that workers can obtain, there are also obligations that must be fulfilled by workers. If they are not respected, workers may receive sanctions in the form of things defined by the company. Well, this must also be included in the employment contract letter so as not to create misunderstandings in the future. Please explain the various sanctions imposed if the worker is not disciplined or the nature of the violation that is not tolerated by the company and may be threatened with termination. The working letter is a letter that binds the relationship between the two parties for a certain period of time. This is very important, especially for contract workers with a specific employment contract (PKWT). HRDs that accept contract workers must clearly include the start and end dates of working time in the contract letter. Subsequently, the policy of terminating the employment relationship is also important. In this case, the procedures, rights and obligations of both parties regarding the termination of the contract must be mentioned. Employment contracts, written in black and white, are very important, especially in the world of work or in a company. So you have to pay close attention to the employee`s employment contract you want to establish.

In this context, you need to find and understand the example of employment contracts for employees. The following examines the elements that should be used as a reference for the establishment of employment contracts for workers. The use of foreign workers in representation is also mandatory under Indonesian labour rules. Therefore, if our employment provisions govern a right for foreign workers that must be respected by the employer, those rights must be granted to the foreign worker. For example, on the social security of workers. A foreign worker also has the right to social security, as well as Indonesian workers under Article 54 of Law 13/2003, employment contracts must at least be written: If your diploma remains withheld and not be rendered after you stop working, you can first work on family paths. For example, by going to the company to apply for your diploma back. However, if the company does not wish to return your diploma, you can sue the company for illegal behavior or report to the police for embezzlement. In addition to rights and obligations, the employment contract also includes benefits that workers and companies receive from cooperation between them, a detailed description of working conditions, working time, etc.