Cleanawater has developed a guide to trade agreements on waste for the Yarra Valley and south-east Melbourne regions. Any water used in the preparation or cooking of food, cleaning dishes or washing the kitchen that comes down from the drain is considered commercial waste and must be treated. When filling out a commercial waste agreement request, customers must choose one of three types of commercial waste. Each has its own tariffs, permitted quantities and criteria limits. Fat traps remove fats, oils and solids from the food trade. The sludge collected by the grease trap is pumped and disposed of separately. The size of the grease trap depends on the production of waste and the frequency of pumping the system. At Cleanawater, we can help you navigate Victoria through trade waste and compliance agreements. Learn more about how we can help you comply with water regulations.

No commercial waste producer can discharge wastewater into the canal system without local water authority approval. It assesses risks, sets compliance limits and sets pre-processing conditions. Customers are required to submit location plans, process and instrumentation diagrams, and safety data sheets for all chemicals used on site. Any company that pours commercial waste into the YVW canal system must enter into a commercial waste agreement. Companies can apply via YVW`s website and attach all relevant documents relating to business activities, expected pollutants and the volume of commercial waste. YVW does not collect royalties for small commercial waste, but reserves the right to sample waste at any time and amend the agreement in the event of a change in the volume of commercial waste. Both grocery and industrial commercial waste agreements set pre-treatment conditions before effluents are discharged into sewers. Cleanawater`s procurement and services operate with waste treatment facilities to enable companies to comply with their trade agreement on waste.

Contact Cleanawater for advice on your wastewater treatment and commercial waste trade agreement in Victoria. We agree to a board and advise you a solution for your business. Commercial waste is wastewater produced by industrial, commercial or food companies.