Washington is a community state. It is one of nine (the others are Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Wisconsin). Married couples living in one of these community states often mistakenly think that everything they own is common property. This is not always true. If, for example.B. a spouse has acquired an asset before marriage, z.B a house, this is generally considered a separate property from that spouse. Or, when a spouse receives an heir during the marriage, this is generally considered a separate property. Unlike a will, a community property right has a significant influence on how a couple`s property is characterized and then divided into a divorce or dissolution of a domestic partnership. In addition, a community ownership agreement can only be terminated under the law entered into by the mutual consent of both spouses or partners, while a deceased person may revoke his or her will at any time, unless the deceased has entered into a binding agreement not to do so (. B for example, with mutual will). Eighthly, a Community real estate agreement may be inoperative for the transfer of real estate to other states, particularly if they are not Member States of the Community. In case of inefficiency, you must make a secondary reduction in the state where the property is located. A communal property contract converts only separate property into common property; there is no property to anyone.

The expectation is that the entire condominium will be automatically handed over to the surviving spouse or domestic partner according to the laws of parentage and distribution in the intestinal layer. Unlike a more flexible will, a community ownership agreement cannot be used to make binding gifts to persons other than the surviving spouse or surviving national partners. Married couples and domestic couples can enter into a community ownership agreement that makes all their property, both separate and collective, the property of the Community after the death of the first spouse or partner1. Such an agreement can also be used to immediately characterize all the properties currently held by the couple and all real estate acquired in the future as common property. The Washington law allows spouses to enter into agreements on the character of their property.